What if I told you, big Ted, the books I love are actually children’s book adventures!

Still to this day, some books are soul-lifting adventurous, and fun.

My claims may seem far-fetched, especially as a children's book author suggesting this to you. Stories with great adventures and pictures can achieve…

It’s up to us all.

What impacts this epidemic has caused and had on us all. Mother Nature has whispered to each of us. She has mysterious ways of showing up, warning us of her power and fragility in the temporary role while living on her Planet Earth.

Her timeframe…

This Electric Buzz, It’s Fun!

Burning Fat, Hitting the Bush Tracks, or the Beach!

Enough kid’s wake up we have tracks and places to explore. Even the wife and children are outdoor adventure-bound now. …

Tongue Twisters, Poetry a lot of Laughs with his Kids?

This may turn your kid's head or raise a smile or two If you haven't tried it or heard this tongue twister yet!

See if you remember this.

Once you master it, try it out with your children and say…

The answers may surprise you!

It may raise your eyebrows… it may massage your heart… It may even help you ask a new question and laugh together and smile like I did.

These were the questions I asked my eleven-year-old son. …

For Rich Elite and Privileged.

Pandora’s Papers’ The latest article has exposed secret documents of world-famous billionaires and politicians, their entitlement, customized privileges.

KYC, know your customer. It seems the rules are a little varied for sure.

We will now see more about these characters in exposing excessive benefits available to them for all the…

You’d Like Fries or Big Future With That?

Possible likely why not with so many big international companies making it a part of their strategy. Sentiment can sway a customer base instantly with the information age that we find ourselves living in. A fair system is paramount as people and sentimental power can reset loyalties immediately. …

Dare a Challenge for better lives

“Let the differences between us forever come to rest.”

One lesson of my many learned at a retreat recently.

Pia, wow, what a compelling statement; this women’s stand-out wisdom and the positive flow that this thought produced is not only persuasive, it really translates…

Previously a Ridiculous Concept to Contemplate.

International Day of Peace is an UN-sanctioned holiday observed annually on 21 September. Dedicated to our world peace and an ideal state of happiness and freedom. 2021's theme is "Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world." Healing from the COVID-19 pandemic, we can…

fiction, philosophy, it’s your life?

Page 1 Link.

Page 5 Cont.

So here I am, inscribing each day on the mast of my raft, surviving afloat; each mark represents living life with some purpose and many fresh insights. Time seems significantly slower. …

Fynn Stevenson

Dad loves writing author, avid reader, mindset reset. The world owes us little. Something special is in each of us that is what inspires fresh thought today

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